Saturday, March 28, 2015

to show or not to show // pencil

Ah, yes. Life's biggest question.

   I mean, am I the only one with this problem?

   I'm not really a shy person. I like talking to people about art (seriously, if you meet me in real life and have a sketchbook with you, we've gotta talk), and I like complements. Who doesn't? But I really don't want to look like a showoff doing it.

   Also, it's weird to just stand there as people flip through your notebook. And what DO you say when they tell you their artistic talents go as far as stick figures?

   Anyway, the character is sort of chibi but kind of not... but I'm happy with the way the last two came out.

   Coming soon is a post about our trip to the Emerald City ComicCon, 2015! Hayley Atwell signed my fanart of Peggy Charter (from Agent Charter and Captain America the First Avenger), which was AWESOME. We (my sister Willow and one of our friends) also got photos with Chloe Bennent (Skye from Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.) and Alex Kingston (River Song from Doctor Who). So watch out for a post about that!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Commander Jet // pencil and colored pencil // notebook

Hey everyone!

   Yes, another Star Wars fanart notebook sketch for you. You might not recognize this clone, since he's only in a few episodes of the Clone Wars. He's ranked under General Ki Adi Mundi for a time while in the second battle of Geonosis.

   His armor is different than most of the troops, painted to camouflage with the Geonosis greenery (*cough cough* or the lack of *cough cough*). I think his visor is a bit off, but oh well :) I used my led colored pencils for his armor, and regular pencil for everything else.

   I've got one more clone sketch in my notebook coming soon, so watch out for that :) Thanks for viewing guys!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Commander Gree // pencil and colored pencil // notebook

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone!

   I hope you had a good time of... celebrating... whatever is suppose to be celebrated today...

   Anyway, I've got a green fanart drawing for you!

   He's the Commander of the Green Company, a young man interested in alien cultures and warfare, and eventually got stabbed in the chest by a little green guy.

   Any guesses?

   Yep, you guessed it: clone Commander Gree of the 41st. Elite Corps (the last hint did it for you, huh?). Though I actually don't know that much about him (since his character wasn't fleshed out much in the Star Wars movies or the Clone Wars TV show), I'd like to. He has an interesting angle to his character.

   I did this one in my smaller notebook (the same one I did my Rex sketch in), and took a while refining it. I used the led colored pencils and regular Prismacolor type to bring out more color, since the led ones are more earthy and toned down, and used regular pencils for everything else.

There's more of these clone notebook sketches to come!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

thorin in blue // pencil and colored pencil

Hey guys! Darrion again.

   Quick announcement, I've joined a Pinterest group board called Christian Artists where a bunch of us Pinterest artists can post our artwork. Click here if you'd like to take a peek! There's quick a variety of styles on there, seeing that there are over 40 people who've joined.

  Okay, back to our regular programing ;)

   It's Thorin drawn in his own eye color, blue (though in some early photos he actually has gray eyes, which is odd...). I did this one a while ago, actually... I think it was in mid 2014, but I'm not positive since I've only recently started putting dates on the back of the paper.

   Anyway, this was my first experimentation with colored pencils and regular pencils together, so pardon the mess. The woman in red I posted earlier was done a while after this one, and Thorin is a great deal smaller than her, hence less detail.

   I hope you guys like this one! Also, I did one of Thrain (with red again) shortly after Thorin, so that one should be coming soon.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

making of a teen clone // pencil

Okay. Here we go.

   My first step by step (or making of) a drawing.

   This is a teenaged clone from the Clone Wars, a child produced and raised on the planet Kamino to fight and die in a war that hasn't even begun yet. One of the thousands of genetically identical clone of Jango Fett, the Mandalorian (actually he's from Concord Dawn, but that's another story) bounty hunter.

   Oddly enough, I've had a curiosity about clone since we saw the Star Wars film Attack of the Clones, and even more from our fist episode of the Clone Wars TV series. I've wondered how they grew up, if they received any parental love at all as boys.

   I can totally picture teenaged clones making friendly competitions with their brothers, and doing their best to stand straight and tall in their awkward stage of life, like real, fully grown troopers.

   Anyway, that's sort of what prompted me to do this. Also, I thought it'd be fun to show you how my process of drawing works.

Here we go!

Though we did get to see teen Boba Fett in the Clone Wars episode Bounty, other than that there aren't many references. Because of that, I made (a rather poor quality) print of a digital art drawing that jasjuliet on deviantart did of what she thinks a teen clone would look like (check out the original here! It looks really great). Though it isn't exactly how Boba looked in the episode, I like this one better because... well... Boba kind of looked like a little punk. Annoying, thinking he's so professional... tell me I'm not the only one who thinks he would have a more matured voice by then.

Anyway, I printed it out and used it as a reference for my re-draw (don't know why my colored pencils are in this photo, I don't use them in this drawing).

I'm imagining this is teen Cody, btw.

I didn't get photos of my first steps, since this is a making of an not a tutorial. These photos are pretty spaced out from each other.

I started with a circle (as usual), then refined it with his basic face-shape, using a lightly drawn cross to line up the facial features. Here I'm at the beginning of shading is face. 

Oh, and here's a tip for people who are just starting out with drawing: it starts out looking very not good (see above). You'll get frustrated at why it doesn't look like the real thing. But you've just got to keep at it, keep working it 'till the whole face is filled in. You'll get there, and don't be afraid of the shadows. The darkness is your friend.

A lesson that took me a while to learn, at first. But that's a story for another post.

Now I've filled in his face and started on his hair.

His face still isn't where I want it to be, the shadows and his eyes aren't dark enough yet.

When I draw, usually I do the entire figure roughly first off (or in a portrait I do the shoulders), then move immediately to the face. Once that has been refined, I move on to the rest. Some people think it's better to bounce around and not do too much in one place, and I get that. I guess it's personal preference.

Now I've basically finished his face, neck, and hair. I've also done a little bit of shading around where his collar will be.

With his hair, I kind of didn't know how to draw it, since in the animated version it's just sort of... flat on the top. And hair doesn't really do that. Also, from the reference I was using, his hair was completely black, so there wasn't much to go off of. I sort of winged it, which didn't turn out too well. I have no idea what his hair is doing in the front. It looks kind of like Tintin's hair flip up. Either way, this is not my finest hair moment.

His face was less detailed than I normally like it, and I'm not sure what kind of expression that is. Determined with a slight smile? Also, his right eye is too big.

After I was done shading his face, I sat back and immediately thought he looked too old. Too grown up. This is suppose to be slightly after the awkward-stage teenage boy, not grown up soldier-man. It took a few minutes for me to figure out what was wrong, but I finally found that if I erased some of the finer details (dark smile creases, sharp cheekbones, defined jaw and chin) he looked younger. See, the older you get, the more defined features you have. The younger you are, the smoother (and less defined) your skin is. The photo above was taken after I fixed all that and youngafied him.

Filled in the shirt and sleeves...

I had to think a minute about the shade of his shirt (which is a light blue) and his skin. Which would be darker in black and white? And shading a light shirt like that without over powering it took a few tries (and my kneadable eraser got lots of use). Also, his red undershirt had to be pretty dark.

The finished product! Whew, that was a mouthful. It took me a few hours to finish it, and I drew it back in January.

   Well, I hope you enjoyed that little (forget little, that was pretty long!) walk through of how I draw profiles. If there's a trick you think I'd like to know, pop a comment down bellow :)

Thanks for reading, guys!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

woman in red drawing // pencil and colored pencil

Hey again! It's D.

   Departing from the flow of fanart I've posted, here's a more normal type of drawing. I was playing around with colored pencils and I ended up doing an all red portrait (not of myself of course, but some lady's photo I pulled off of the internet).

   To start, I did a rough sketch of her face and the direction of her hair to give myself a guideline to go off of as I continued, and did it all in pencil. Her face actually doesn't look so much like it did in the photo, but that happens.

   Then I went over that with a red colored pencil (the usual Prismacolor type), then went over that again with a darker, normal pencil to add more shadow.

    Her hair was really dark in the photo I got off of Pinterest, so I went free range and sort of made it up, since I couldn't see any detail. The top was sort of an Elsa kind of hair thing, but I had a lot of fun with it as I made my way down. I ended up really liking the way her hair came to a point on the right side (her right, of course).

   Her lips were a bit difficult, her eyelashes didn't look quite right, and her cheekbone was a challenge (I kept making it too dark). But over all it was really fun to draw, and a good experiment with colored pencils and portraits.

   There'll be more of these to come, since I did one small one of Thorin and one of Thrain. Also, a 'making of' a sketch is coming soon.

Thanks for viewing! :)


Sunday, March 1, 2015

new pinterest board for my art // announcement

Hey guys! It's Darrion. I've got an announcement to make.

   Yes, I have a Pinterest board for my artwork. It's rather new, and I forgot to tell you guys on my blog :) Hence the update post.

   Click here to see the board, which doesn't have much on it yet, but will as I go along with making posts on the blog.

   Also, a new header/background is here!

Looking forward...
A colored pencil drawing (*ahem* above *ahem*)
A 'making of' drawing
Hobbit fanart
Star Wars fanart