Sunday, March 15, 2015

thorin in blue // pencil and colored pencil

Hey guys! Darrion again.

   Quick announcement, I've joined a Pinterest group board called Christian Artists where a bunch of us Pinterest artists can post our artwork. Click here if you'd like to take a peek! There's quick a variety of styles on there, seeing that there are over 40 people who've joined.

  Okay, back to our regular programing ;)

   It's Thorin drawn in his own eye color, blue (though in some early photos he actually has gray eyes, which is odd...). I did this one a while ago, actually... I think it was in mid 2014, but I'm not positive since I've only recently started putting dates on the back of the paper.

   Anyway, this was my first experimentation with colored pencils and regular pencils together, so pardon the mess. The woman in red I posted earlier was done a while after this one, and Thorin is a great deal smaller than her, hence less detail.

   I hope you guys like this one! Also, I did one of Thrain (with red again) shortly after Thorin, so that one should be coming soon.


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