Friday, May 6, 2016

may the fourth be with you // revenge of the fifth // star wars fanart // pen

   Hey everyone, and may the fourth be with you all! :) And... you know, if you're a Sith, the fifth is your day of revenge, I guess.

   Yes, it's fandom time. The wordplay in May is two days all for the Star Wars fandom to pull on their Wookie T-shirts and do their hair up in Rey buns. And for me, it's time for the fanart to begin.

I did this in my new (and third) sketchbook, which is a mixed media 9'' by 12''.

white gel pen
red sharpie
thin black sharpie
thick black sharpie
black prismacolor brushpen
 red scholar (prismacolor) brushmarker
blue copic brushmarker (BG02)

Hope you all had a great May fourth and fifth, and may the force be with you all!