Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Reaction to The Battle Trailer Illustrated in Gifs

Hey, everyone!

   Now, if you're a Hobbit fan, I hope you already know about the trailer for the Battle of the Five Armies that came out yesterday. If not, click here to watch it!

   Quick backstory, we didn't realize that it was going to come out when it did. Yes, we saw the short "Coming Tomorrow" video, but when Willow read the time, she thought it would come out at twelve o'clock at night. Later, we saw on a pin that it was up right then and there, at twelve in the afternoon! So, we watched the trailer (while filming our reactions, which is a whole other post) and totally freaked!

   Okay, so I promised gifs, and here they come :) These of of my (and some of Willow's) reactions before, during, and after the trailer.

When we saw that the trailer was up, Willow and I basically looked like this...

*freakin' out*

And then, it started. The New Line Cinema emblem appeared.

*dis gonna be gooooood*

 And then Smaug suddenly roars and breathes fire

*Durin's beard that startled me*

Tauriel appears

*sorry guys, I just had to*

"Those who survived, and those who did not." 


Pippin's song starts playing, "Home is behind..."

"Until the stars are all alight..." The Dwarves are walking in their armor, and (the soon-to-be-deceased) Kili is seen

*why you do dis to me?!*

It looks like Legolas's eyes are filling with tears

*wat are my feels doin'*

"Will you have peace, or war?" "All shall fade..." "I will have war!"

*why you gotta play me like dis*

"Will you follow me? One last time."

*raises hand as high as is humanly possible*

And after. At first, it's freaking out again.

Then, it's sitting and silently contemplating

And back to crying

My dad comes home and I show him the trailer

And then, to make it worse, I lay in bed and listen to "Into the West"

Why does it have to go so soon? It's all going to be over in December. And to kill my inner feels even more, I read this...

"This is the last time we’ll all be united as Tolkien fans for the sake of one trailer. Just know that I love you all and I would gladly sail to the Grey Havens with you at the end of this adventure."
... and I added this... "<-- If this is to end in fire, then we will all burn together."

We only have so long to wait, until it's all over. I hope I've made your feels even stronger with this post. You're welcome :')


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rachel McAdams Pencil Drawing

Hey everyone!

   Ha! Told you I was gonna post more often :)

   Anyway, I got somethin' to show you... I drew this a while ago. If you don't recognize her, this is Rachel McAdams.

   She's an actress, though I haven't seen her in anything yet (but I know she's in Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downy Jr.), I'm casting her as a character in my next book of the Watchmen Files. Don't tell anyone! ;)

   I pulled a picture of her off of the internet and drew from that, like most things that I do. My art teacher stresses the point of drawing literally. Right off of the model, what are the shapes and shades? In other words, I'm not suppose to just make up what I think it should look like, but what it actually does look like.

   But sometimes I just do that anyway :) Like the chibis and little Fili and Kili.

  So, that's everything for right now. Hope you liked that little post, and have a great week! :)


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm back!

Hey everyone!

It's me again, that girl who never posts on her blog anymore :)

   Actually, I do post. Every Wednesday, in fact. Except it's another blog completely. The Call is a story blog my sister (Willow) and I write our stories on.

   You've heard me talk about my book, The Watchmen Files. Well, I finished it! Yes, my first completed book ever. It was very fun to write :) You can read it here, if you haven't already.

   Willow and I started a website, too. It's for cosplay (costumes from movies/books/whatever) and fanart (art by fans). Click here if you'd like to see our stuff!

   Also, you may have noticed the new look. That's me (in chibis form!) in the middle of the header, by the way.

   And why the drawing and sudden up-date? Well, I'm sorta converting this blog to a place to post my artsy stuff.

   But what sort of stuff do I mean by artsy? I'm talking drawings, watercolors, adorable little chibis (which is a certain type of drawing style, like manga, but cuter) characters, and photos I've taken (most of them are edited to improve their quality).

Basically, like this!

This is chibis (pronounced chee-bees). Well, at least the little guy is. That's my hand, by the way. He's actually a character from my book, Mason Kruger. Normally he isn't so sweet, though.

This is little Fili and Kili. Eating cookies. 'Nuff said.

And this is what I mean by my photos. These ones have less color than I would normally do, but you get the picture (excuse the pun).

Yep! So, if you like that sort of thing, stick around for more in the future! I'll be posting more often than I use to. Promise ;)