Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thorin, Thrain's son Sketch by D.M.R.

Hey guys!

It's D, and I've (finally) got another drawing to show you! This one is of Thorin Oakenshield, from the Hobbit.

  Oh, and the reason this drawing has a different link then this blog is because it's on the website Willow and I have, The Girls Who Time Forgot (click here for the fanart page!).

   Anyway, this pencil drawing is off of a photo of a bedraggled Thorin from the DOS movie visual companion book, though I did give him a more pleasant slight smile then the picture originally portrayed. I started it because I was bored out of my skull, and instead of using up my time on Pinterest, drew this. I've had a fear of curly complex hair for a while, and this certainly helped me get over that.

   Well, I've moved on from this to start yet another Hobbit sketch... sorry none fandom friends... it's of Fili, as he would have been as King Under the Mountain. So keep a look out for that!

Thanks guys :)

   If anyone of you knows about digital art pads/tablets, please let me know! I've been wanting to get into the digital art world, but I have no idea what to expect or what to get. So if you've done it before, if you would please leave a comment and give your valued advise, I would be very grateful :)

   And I just realized... I have thirteen followers! Thank you guys so much for your loyalty, honor, and willing hearts! (if you understood that reference, internet huggles!) You can all be the thirteen Dwarves and I'll be the Hobbit. Just kidding :) I think I'd rather be a Dwarf, actually... what would you want to be? Comment below! :) Okay, I'm really going now. Thanks for following!