Tuesday, June 30, 2015

self-portrait // pencil

Hey guys!

   Now, I'm not very comfortable with doing self-portraits. It's hard because you know your face so well that if you get something wrong, you can totally tell.

   Well, I'm pretty happy with this one, though I did get some things wrong (the eyes turned out a little big). This was drawn before I got my hair cut shorter (I like the flowyness of it here).

    I drew this by using a mirror I got from Ikea not long ago. It was hard to use it, though, because I kept looking up at the mirror and back down at the page, changing my position and expression in the process. Which isn't great when you're trying to line things up. But the hair was pretty hard, I'm not used to dealing with so much of it (this portrait was larger than my usual size, though I'm trying to go bigger).

   Over all, I'm pretty happy with it. I think I'm going to do a little series of portraits (make use of that mirror, D!).

   Also, I'm going to try entering some art into the fair again :) So is Willow, I think. So watch out for that post! We'll see how that turns out...


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

agent carter // signed by hayley atwell // pencil, colored pencil, tinted paper

This is an interesting one.

   My Dad took Willow (my older sister), our good friend Ammelia, and myself to the Emerald City Comic Convention last March (2015) for one day, Friday.

   We got a few things signed (and photos taken with all) by different people (Alex Kingston, Hayley Atwell, and Chloe Bennett), but that's for another post.

   We were one of the last people to make it into the line for Hayley Atwell's (Agent Peggy Carter from Marvel) signature. But the thing was, we had to get pictures with Alex Kingston, and get there fast, it was going to be done soon, which was rather unnerving. But finally, the stragglers of the group got their signatures and it was my turn.

   She said it was fantastic, and that I was very talented. I didn't talk much, we didn't have much time. But her accent was beautiful :) She was a nice person, from the brief moments we got to talk to her. Ammelia pointed out that she seemed tired. I didn't notice, but she probably was. All that smiling... ugh, it'd make anyone's face hurt.

   After that, we raced to Alex Kingston's photo booth. We got them, by the way :) All's good, we never missed anybody in our trip.

    I carefully laid out the picture so that, when she signed, her name would be above "as Agent Carter", so it would end up being "Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter". That was kind of cool. I had to look up fonts from Agent Carter quotes to get the lettering right.

   It's kind of funny, I wasn't done with this when we were on our way to the Con. I was finishing the words while we were stuck in the painfully slow traffic. I didn't get to line the words with pen until we got back home. It was kind of a rush project :)

   I wasn't very happy with the paper my art teacher brought at first, because of it's texture. It had little indents (you can see 'em above, in her blue jacket), and it looked funny at first. But soon enough, it came out looking kind of comic-book-like, so it was fine.

   The colors really popped, I'm very happy with how the red and blue came out. My teacher was so helpful, she helped me mix the colored pencils to make good blues and reds.

   Anyway, that was an adventure to remember! I'm going to have this framed someday, hopefully. I hope you enjoy this little tale, and the art too, even if you're not in the fandom :)


Sunday, June 7, 2015

D on a good day // digital art

Hey guys! It's Darrion (also fondly known as D).

   I wanted to do something more... artsyish for my profile picture, though I really don't like drawing self-portraits. But this one isn't really that realistic, I just made it a quick sketch (i.e. no proper line-art).

   This is me on a good day (dressed nicely, bracelet on hand, compared to my usual drowsy appearance). Yep, my normal expression while on the internet. Bored!

   Anyway, this took a lot longer than I wanted it to. The coloring, shading, and everything else went fine. But the background... ugh. The room that the computer is in is green, but that color just didn't mix well with the picture.

   I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts (the complete quote says sun shine in my heart), and Thorin's key around my neck (one of my favorite pieces of jewelry).

   To most, I look as if I have black hair. Actually, it is very, very dark brown. Put it against my dad's and you'd know, it's not black.

   I think I may have made my skin too light... I dunno, I haven't been out in the sunshine much this year, so it might be right :)

Thanks for viewing, guys!


Friday, June 5, 2015

tadashi hamada // pencil // notebook sketch

Here I am, delivering on my Big Hero 6 promise.

   I'm still working on digital 'Dashi, though he's taking forever. Anyway, here's the Tadashi sketch I did in my notebook. I'm really happy with the way he turned out, he's my favorite character from Big Hero 6.

Below is the gif I drew him from. I printed the first still of this gif, and drew it from there.

Here it is, next to the real thing.

   As usual, I didn't plan for him to end up as finished up as he is, but I just kept working it 'till this happened :) His hat was the hardest, it was the last thing I drew. But his smile was definitely the most fun.

Well, keep your eyes peeled for digital 'Dashi one day soonish maybe...

Thanks for viewing, guys!