Friday, June 5, 2015

tadashi hamada // pencil // notebook sketch

Here I am, delivering on my Big Hero 6 promise.

   I'm still working on digital 'Dashi, though he's taking forever. Anyway, here's the Tadashi sketch I did in my notebook. I'm really happy with the way he turned out, he's my favorite character from Big Hero 6.

Below is the gif I drew him from. I printed the first still of this gif, and drew it from there.

Here it is, next to the real thing.

   As usual, I didn't plan for him to end up as finished up as he is, but I just kept working it 'till this happened :) His hat was the hardest, it was the last thing I drew. But his smile was definitely the most fun.

Well, keep your eyes peeled for digital 'Dashi one day soonish maybe...

Thanks for viewing, guys!


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