Friday, February 26, 2016

ninjago cole fanart // pencil, pen, watercolor

hey guys!

first off, we're gonna try and make this post a quick one, so here we go... 

this is cole from the ninjago tv series, and this sketch illustrates how i put the proverbial cherry on the cake to finish off a sketch.

a simple sketch... nothing special, tucked in the corner of my sketchbook

framed with a green rectangle of cheap coloring pens

lined with a dark green le pen and a few details added to his face in pencil

quick wash of watercolor over the green to smooth it out


if you've got a special way to finish off a sketch, let me know in the comments!
i'd love to hear it and try it out :)


Sunday, February 21, 2016

3 marker challenge // colored pens

Whew, finally, some art's come back on here.

   Okay, let's dive right into this...

   I've been watching a lot of artists on Youtube, including Drawing Wiff Waffles, Love Teacup Kisses, and Doodle Date. The last two have done videos on the 3 marker challenge, so I'm giving it a shot :)

   If you don't know how it works, the 3 marker challenge is when you randomly pick three colored markers (not including the lineart pen) and color a sketch with only those three.

   I got a bright blue Copic (BG02), a regular old grey pen, and olive green. Originally I got a different blue, but then I decided that there might not be enough ink in it to use it on this sketch, so I picked again and got one of my two Copic markers.

   I sketched this out and finished off the lineart before I picked the colors so that wouldn't influence what I drew. Overall, I like the way she turned out, and I loved the colors, too :)

I'd love to see your sketches if you end up doing the challenge!
Let me know in the comments :)