Saturday, August 6, 2016

self-portrait // drawingwiffwaffles contest entry // pen, watercolor, ink

Hey guys!

   If you don't already know about DrawingWiffWaffles, she's an awesome artist on Youtube who's reached her 50,000 subscriber mark. To celebrate, she's put on a self-portrait contest that I've entered in. The winners from four age groups will be randomly selected, and out of those four one will be chosen as the first prize winner.

I thought it would be fun to enter something, so this is what I came up with, drawn in my own style.

    I used mostly Prismacolors for the clothes/hair and accessories, and also used a Copic for the skintone (which is a bit too dark, actually. Accidentally bought the wrong marker). The counter is watercolor, and the borderline is sharpie.

DrawingWiffWaffles is a huge inspiration to me, and I definitely recommend checking her out :)