Sunday, June 7, 2015

D on a good day // digital art

Hey guys! It's Darrion (also fondly known as D).

   I wanted to do something more... artsyish for my profile picture, though I really don't like drawing self-portraits. But this one isn't really that realistic, I just made it a quick sketch (i.e. no proper line-art).

   This is me on a good day (dressed nicely, bracelet on hand, compared to my usual drowsy appearance). Yep, my normal expression while on the internet. Bored!

   Anyway, this took a lot longer than I wanted it to. The coloring, shading, and everything else went fine. But the background... ugh. The room that the computer is in is green, but that color just didn't mix well with the picture.

   I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts (the complete quote says sun shine in my heart), and Thorin's key around my neck (one of my favorite pieces of jewelry).

   To most, I look as if I have black hair. Actually, it is very, very dark brown. Put it against my dad's and you'd know, it's not black.

   I think I may have made my skin too light... I dunno, I haven't been out in the sunshine much this year, so it might be right :)

Thanks for viewing, guys!



  1. People say the same thing about my hair! It's so very dark brown, they think it's black until I go outside and the sun hits it just right. Then my red tint shows up. :)

    You are talented. Love seeing what you draw.

    1. I know :) The sun really helps bring out the brown in my hair, too.

      Thank you so much, I'm glad you like them! :)


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