Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rachel McAdams Pencil Drawing

Hey everyone!

   Ha! Told you I was gonna post more often :)

   Anyway, I got somethin' to show you... I drew this a while ago. If you don't recognize her, this is Rachel McAdams.

   She's an actress, though I haven't seen her in anything yet (but I know she's in Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downy Jr.), I'm casting her as a character in my next book of the Watchmen Files. Don't tell anyone! ;)

   I pulled a picture of her off of the internet and drew from that, like most things that I do. My art teacher stresses the point of drawing literally. Right off of the model, what are the shapes and shades? In other words, I'm not suppose to just make up what I think it should look like, but what it actually does look like.

   But sometimes I just do that anyway :) Like the chibis and little Fili and Kili.

  So, that's everything for right now. Hope you liked that little post, and have a great week! :)



  1. You are a gifted artist! Are you privately taught or are you in a group class?

    1. Thanks, Lynsi :) Yep, Willow and I have private lessons (which I quite enjoy).


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