Wednesday, March 4, 2015

woman in red drawing // pencil and colored pencil

Hey again! It's D.

   Departing from the flow of fanart I've posted, here's a more normal type of drawing. I was playing around with colored pencils and I ended up doing an all red portrait (not of myself of course, but some lady's photo I pulled off of the internet).

   To start, I did a rough sketch of her face and the direction of her hair to give myself a guideline to go off of as I continued, and did it all in pencil. Her face actually doesn't look so much like it did in the photo, but that happens.

   Then I went over that with a red colored pencil (the usual Prismacolor type), then went over that again with a darker, normal pencil to add more shadow.

    Her hair was really dark in the photo I got off of Pinterest, so I went free range and sort of made it up, since I couldn't see any detail. The top was sort of an Elsa kind of hair thing, but I had a lot of fun with it as I made my way down. I ended up really liking the way her hair came to a point on the right side (her right, of course).

   Her lips were a bit difficult, her eyelashes didn't look quite right, and her cheekbone was a challenge (I kept making it too dark). But over all it was really fun to draw, and a good experiment with colored pencils and portraits.

   There'll be more of these to come, since I did one small one of Thorin and one of Thrain. Also, a 'making of' a sketch is coming soon.

Thanks for viewing! :)



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