Sunday, March 1, 2015

new pinterest board for my art // announcement

Hey guys! It's Darrion. I've got an announcement to make.

   Yes, I have a Pinterest board for my artwork. It's rather new, and I forgot to tell you guys on my blog :) Hence the update post.

   Click here to see the board, which doesn't have much on it yet, but will as I go along with making posts on the blog.

   Also, a new header/background is here!

Looking forward...
A colored pencil drawing (*ahem* above *ahem*)
A 'making of' drawing
Hobbit fanart
Star Wars fanart



  1. I love how your new header has some of your art in it! :)

    1. Thanks Mary! It's really fun to design headers with your own stuff :) That makes it kind of costume to your own liking.


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