Saturday, February 28, 2015

may your memory never fade, fili // pencil

Yes, finally that Fili tribute I promised you months ago.

   It's actually been done for a while, but I've been lazy, and also the sun hasn't been out, giving me bad light for the photo.

   Okay, yes, I am one of those fans who's not satisfied with Fili's part in the Hobbit trilogy. I found his lack of screen-time... disturbing.

   I'm also rather upset that Bilbo didn't say this line at the end. But, you know. Nothing we can do about it now.

   Or is there? Let's not let his memory fade away, let's give him some well-deserved love. I love how after the movie came out, I say lots of fanart about Fili, He's one of my favorite characters in the Hobbit (in order: Thorin, Bilbo, Fili {Kili's fallen a good ways down by now}) and I really miss him. 

   I'm glad there are other fans out there who think so too. Thanks, guys! :)


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