Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Commander Gree // pencil and colored pencil // notebook

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone!

   I hope you had a good time of... celebrating... whatever is suppose to be celebrated today...

   Anyway, I've got a green fanart drawing for you!

   He's the Commander of the Green Company, a young man interested in alien cultures and warfare, and eventually got stabbed in the chest by a little green guy.

   Any guesses?

   Yep, you guessed it: clone Commander Gree of the 41st. Elite Corps (the last hint did it for you, huh?). Though I actually don't know that much about him (since his character wasn't fleshed out much in the Star Wars movies or the Clone Wars TV show), I'd like to. He has an interesting angle to his character.

   I did this one in my smaller notebook (the same one I did my Rex sketch in), and took a while refining it. I used the led colored pencils and regular Prismacolor type to bring out more color, since the led ones are more earthy and toned down, and used regular pencils for everything else.

There's more of these clone notebook sketches to come!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone!


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