Tuesday, September 8, 2015

self by self // pencil


   I have decided that self-portraits are hard.

   Why do I keep doing them? Because I got a mirror from Ikea, that's why. And because I have no other drawing ideas, that's why.

   Anyway, I'm not sure if this one turned out better than the last one, but I look super... moody. Or just plain mad. I'm not mad, by the way, it's just hard to keep a smile while you're concentrating on drawing. Not to mention, my face hurts if I smile too much. I'm a {Willow calls from the other room: pessimist!} realist, like Tintin.

  I used the base of the mirror to make the circle, because it's impossible for one to draw a perfect circle on one's own (at least for this one). Oh, and I got this red shirt from Costco that has a zipper down the back. Weird, but stylish. That's what I'm wearing above. Gonna try to get Willow to take a picture of me in it...

   Anyway, this one had a lot of shading to do, which was fun. But I think I need to work on doing my forehead, it's a little longer than in this drawing. And work on smiling. Yeah, that too.

   I did another portrait (here) a while ago. Not sure if I've improved much. What do you guys think? See anything I need to work on? Please, tell me in the comments below! I'd love to hear it :)

Thanks for reading, guys.


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  1. Man, you got that right, self portraits are HARD. But this one is simply fantastic! I absolutely love the shading you did, I personally have a bit of a hard time at it, (just another thing to put on the list of stuff I wanna get better at drawing x)) but yes, I love it. And as for improving, I'd say yes, in a certain way I guess... I'd say that all artists get better every time they draw, 'cause we're always learning new things and techniques in the process. And it certainly is hard to see any improvement in anything we draw, because we're always looking at the mistakes...but anyways, I love it. A lot. I can't wait to see any other stuff you've been working on!! (and can I just say that I love all the ways you take photos of your art?? I love all the different angles and focuses and everything, it's super cool =)


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