Sunday, September 6, 2015

a day at the fair // photography and general fairness

Back to the fair!

Okay, if you missed last post, which showcases my winnings, click here before continuing :)

   Ah yes, a wonderful day at the fair. If you haven't noticed from previous posts, I'm not too fond of the fair. In fact, I haven't enjoyed the experience before now.

   But this time, I shall :) It was more fun then I thought it would be, and I got a lot of good pictures out of it.

Just gonna quickly stick these here for no apparent reason...

*coughs awkwardly*

   Anyway, back to the other stuff we did there. After squealing our way through the artistic entries, we moved on to the livestock, which consisted of plugging our noses through the pig, sheep, and goat stalls. Then we found the other animals, including chickens stuffed into cages. It was very loud in there, seeing that this one irritating rooster wouldn't stop crowing his annoying head off. Who knew such little lungs could be so loud?

   As you can see, the other chickens weren't too appreciative. Poor things were stuck with him all day.

And then there were the adorable fluffy and tiny Guinea Pigs. *calls over shoulder* Mom, I want one!

   After that, Mom and Dad wanted to go check out the Llama pens, at which point Willow and I drew the line. We waited outside and watched 4H kids attempt to get their dogs to obey them as they roamed around the course, paying them no heed.

    Our parents emerged, pointing us to this five day old baby llama, which was absolutely adorable. Little fluffy baby :)

*baby llama don't need no drama*

   My past experience with fair food was a... let's say an unpleasant one. The burger I had after demonstrating my drawings wasn't exactly an In-N-Out.

   But the piroshki Willow and I shared, which is apparently a Russian thing, was very good. It changed my opinion of fair food, for sure :)

   Then there was this old photo studio, where they took our picture in old fashioned dress.

That was pretty cool, especially when I got to hold the pistol :)

   Because Willow and I shared that piroshki thing, we got a milkshake at the Purple Cow in addition to lunch. They were rather expensive, but tasted very good :)

Willow got boring old vanilla, and I got blackberry, which was wonderful.

Aw, so good... if you ever have the option, get a blackberry shake from the Purple Cow.

   Dark clouds looming overhead, my mother somehow convinced us that going inside, where the vendors were, was a good idea. About a hour and a half later, we decided to never do that again. It rained buckets while we were in there, but despite being indoors, I was very cold. That milkshake probably didn't help much... still worth it...

   In the end, this trip changed my view of the local fair. It was a fun family time, with good food, served up with a side of sunshine, and cool rain for desert.

   Thanks for reading my changed mind, and taking a peek at the photography! And in the comments, tell me about your experience with the fair. Do you love it or hate it? Any funny experiences? Lemme know below!

Blog again soon :)



  1. The blackberry shake is most definitely the best, I completely agree!


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