Monday, April 20, 2015

digital art... here i come! // D buys a wacom intuos pen and touch medium

Hey guys! Got some exciting news...

   I just bought a digital art tablet! Whew.

   After lots of fretting, research, and general hesitance, I finally got a Wacom Intuos medium tablet.

   And, having never used one before, looked up a bunch of digital art tutorials and how-to's on Youtube. They were very helpful in making me feel less daunted by handling such a technological advancement (at least for me it will be).

   I've always liked the way digital art looks, and how clean and crisp you can get things with it. Also, I wouldn't have to go to the store to buy more pencil lead or watercolor paints, etc. That would be the cheap side of me. Buy one expensive item and never have to buy all those little ones! Yep, a real deal.

   Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not going to be doing traditional art anymore. I'll still be doing those things, but I will be concentrating on the digital side of things more.

   I also want to prove to my dad that digital art is real art. 'Cause it is.

(maybe i'll finish this cinderella watercolor someday, i dunno... just wanted to stick this on here to show you my messy/cluttered traditional art workspace, i.e. the dining room table) {*Willow hacks D's blog* her workspace is usually a lot messier, I don't know why she says it's "messy". You ain't seen nothin' yet!}

   So, it's suppose to arrive pretty soon... sometime between this week and the end of the next. Hopefully I'll have something to show you from it, maybe a quite test sketch or something.

   If you've ever used digital art before (or just a art tablet, you know), please, leave a comment below and give me a tip/trick! Seriously, I'd love to hear them :)


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