Friday, April 17, 2015

me, myself, and i

   Though I don't have many photos of myself (since usually I'm the one taking the photos of Willow), sometimes we take turns taking pictures of each other, and these are all in those instances.

   Since you're all reading what I have to say and looking at what I've drawn, I thought it'd be nice to remind you what I actually look like and put a face to those words/pictures :)

   Photos of myself. All photo credits go to my sister, Willow ( Edited afterword by me.

   Willow took this on Easter morning, at our church. The sun was getting very flary, and the colors really were too light, so I ended up editing it all back and white, except for the blue flower design on my dress (blue is my favorite color).

    Willow took this while we were hunting for our Christmas tree last year. I was sick at the time, so I brought a mixture of honey and lemon for my throat in a coffee-muggy-thingy. It was very helpful and kept me warm.

   This dress is one of my favorites (it fits really well, and has a really cool style and color). My favorite color is blue, so it was kind different for me to get this red one, though I think it works with my coloring okay. Unfortunately, I don't have any full length pictures right now. I got it off of the website Modcloth, and wore it on my birthday last year.

   Taken in our Grandma's back yard, when I was sort-of-cosplaying the Tenth Doctor. I don't usually wear glasses, but I had reading glasses for a short time.

   Looking for the art in the real world. Edited a lot. I try to look at things with an artistic eye, seeing the beauty in the sky and nature. Also taken Easter morning by Willow.

   Speaking of art, I doodled this a while ago. Sort-of-styled, I'm wearing the same dress that I wore in the third photo up top. Seriously, I love that dress! I normally don't do self-portraits, it's kind of hard and takes some time. And I don't like drawing people I know (though I have done it), because you know their face so well that if you make a little mistake, you can totally tell that it's wrong.

Anyway, thanks for viewing all the photos! See ya later :)



  1. Wow! The second to last picture of you is stunning! Well...there all stunning...but this one especially:)

    1. Aw, thanks, Sarah! *blushes thankfully* Yeah, I get what you mean :)


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