Thursday, July 16, 2015

creative collages // photography

kinda getting into editing old photos... these pictures are from earlier this year. just though i'd edit them into collages.

hope you like them!

early morning frost collage (above)

sincerely darrion collage (also edited into my current header). things i love... winter snow, my blue flower dress, early morning sun flares, and tea from my short blue teacup.

my sister, willow, and the color yellow

 red, white, and blue (picture with cap taken at disneyland)

collage of art by dmr (digital, traditional pencil, colored pencil, and watercolor)

well, tell me what you think of them! have a great day :)



  1. Those are sooooooo pretty! I love the way you combined all the colors. :D Keep up the amazing work! I would love to see more of these from you. XD

    1. Thank you! I tried to get a theme in the color scheme :) Keep watch for more, coming soon!


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