Saturday, July 11, 2015

alpha // jurassic world fanart // notebook sketch // pencil

So, we went to see Jurassic World in 3D.

   Yeah, I sorta loved it... immediately came home and did some fanart :)

   Owen is the best! I really liked his character. Not to mention, it's Star Lord! How cool is that?!

    Not sure if I should keep going and do the background or not... thoughts?

   Just like I did with the Tadashi sketch, I used a clip to hold the original reference picture (printed off of the internet) to the other page. I guess I didn't line up his facial features quite right. But overall, I'm happy with the way he came out. I liked working with the contrast.

   The 3D was great, too. We went to see Age of Ultron in 3D, then decided it was totally worth it and went to Jurassic3D. Of course, my dad said he gave his 3D glasses to my mom to hold, but she couldn't find them. So they were loudly whispering and looking under their seats while it started. Willow and I were shhhing them :) Eventually, Dad had to get a new pair.

   Also... Jurassic cup! My Grandma took us to Dairy Queen a couple of days after going to see Jurassic World, and our blizzards came in Jurassic World promotional cups. That was pretty cool :) I got Owen and the Raptor Squad, and Willow got Claire and the Indominus-Rex.

Also, to get both you and me into the mood, here's an awesome Jurassic Park theme cover by Peter Hollens!


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