Sunday, May 3, 2015

little mj // oc // digital art

   Hey guys! I've got it for you. My first finished piece of digital art yet!

   My Wacom Intuos pen and touch medium arrived on April 25th, and I've been playing around with it since then. Lots of rough sketches and unfinished pieces.

   But I really like it so far, everything is so nice and clean. The layers really help, though I do get mixed up with which one I'm on. I've had to erase a bunch because I put them on the wrong layer.

   I thought I'd do another drawing of my Star Wars OC character, MJ, when she was just a little girl.

    I used mostly cel-shading on her clothes and montrals (head-tale-things), but just regular shading of her skin/lips. The shading part was definitely my favorite, I love the clean look of cel-shading.

   Her lips were actually pretty fun, though I think they might be a little too large. Her skin was kind of hard to do, with all of the tones of red and all.

   I decided to do the background pretty simply, instead of the bunk I had pictured her sitting in at the beginning of sketching this out.

  Ugh, lineart is not my thing. I guess my hands are just too unsure of themselves, it ended up pretty shaky and I had to erase and re-do a lot of it. Also, the lineart is too thick for my liking, though it did reduce the shakiness.

   Anyway, that's my first digital piece! Watch out for more of my art, not just digitally, but traditionally too :)

Thanks for viewing, guys!


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