Monday, May 25, 2015

gogo tomago // big hero 6 // digital art // new header

Hey everyone!

Just watched Big Hero 6 last week. Wow, great movie. Full of emotion (and beautiful animation). But no spoilers in this post...

My favorite characters were Tadashi, Baymax, Fred, Wasabi, Gogo Tomago, and well... everybody else.

So yeah, right after we saw it, fanart ideas went whirling through my head. Though this one is pretty simple, I thought I'd do it anyway.

Yep, it's the speedster (huh, I seem to go for those in favorite character picks *ahem* Pietro *ahem*) Gogo Tomago!

Love her hair. That was pretty fun to do, and the gum was too. Her face didn't turn out quite right, but I'm happy enough with it. Also, I could've done better on her jacket and expression, but this wasn't that serious anyways.

Oh, new background and header! I thought I'd give it a little more digital flavor, since I'm working on that a lot nowadays.

Do you like it better than the one before?

Well, hope you like Gogo from Big Hero 6! Think I should give Tadashi a try? :)



  1. LOVE! Well done D! Yes yes yes you must do Tadashi! I'm glad you enjoyed the movie- it's one of my favorites. :)

    Also, I love the new header! Very clean and prescice.

    1. Thanks, Evelyn! :) I'm working on two versions of Tadashi now, one on paper and one digitally. I've nearly finished the paper one.

      Thank you, I wanted to change up the look of the blog (kind of got inspired by your wonderfully done blog layout).

    2. You're very welcome. :) Ah exciting! I shall keep a look out for them then. I love both your digital and paper drawings.

      Ah well thank you! I love changing the design. I have to hold myself back from changing it all the time. =D Looks great though!

    3. Aw, thanks again :) I've got like, five other things to post before I get to Tadashi, so it might be a little while (I'm a lazy poster)... digital 'Dashi is taking forever!

      I love to see your changes! They always look so good :) They're so simple and pretty... What program/website do you use to make them? Pixlr?


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