Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Family Photos

Hey everyone!

I suppose I shouldn't say "it's D again", since this is my blog... I always say that on The Call, so it's kind of a habit :)

   Anyway, I've got some pictures I've taken (and edited) over the summer... just a few, but I thought that you might like to see 'em anyway :)

That's me, as you probably already know. I didn't take this, or course, Willow did. I don't normally need glasses, but for the outfit (Tenth Doctor cosplay) it was an edition.

 Willow at the pass lookin' cool :)

Willow again... smile! In case you didn't already know, Willow is my older sister.

This is my dad! I took this at the pier, after we had dinner at a restaurant for his birthday.

Since my mom doesn't particularly like getting her picture taken (and didn't like the other picture that I was going to use), I'm using the one of her and dad at the pass.

Yep, this is my brother. He doesn't like getting his picture taken, I don't think :)

Ah! Much better. I took this while he wasn't looking :) He doesn't live here anymore, but he comes for the 4th of July.

Barney! He's my little dog. I love him to death :) though looks can be deceiving...

Cisco (left) and Barney (right) playing in the backyard. I know it looks violent, but they're really just playing :)

Well, that looks like everyone. Except Grandma and Grandpa Lolo... but I don't have pictures of them at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my life!


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  1. Darrion, you and Willow are both so beautiful. :) I loved all of these pictures-- they're great! Awe and your dog; he is so cute!!


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