Saturday, January 23, 2016

trip to the lego store // photography

   Hey guys! It's me again, and I'm going to share with you one (only one, mind you) of my childhood obsessions.

   Yep, the toys for boys! The bucket of bricks I inherited from my older brother when he moved out drove me into a world of buildable fun.

   My favorite sets were Star Wars, the biggest of my collection. I'll have to show you sometime. I've got a bunch... but, quick tip, don't get the retired Endor Base set. It falls apart and will make the cheese slid off your cracker.

   I also really like the Ninjago sets, as well as their movie and TV show. But no spoilers, I've only gotten as far as the tournament of elements!

   The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit sets are also really great. I love my Hobbit Hole :) Not to  mention my wisdom (oh glory, there goes my ego again) in saving up my VIP points for the big purchase.

   Anyway, while my sister was checking out the American Girl Store (check out her blog with many of the photos taken by myself here), I raced over to the Lego store to get a few pictures.

   But dude, whoever sets up this whole display thing should really rethink their scheme! It was hard to get any good pictures, and even with major editing, most of them didn't turn out at all.

Quick note... these pictures are rather old, so the sets displayed are outdated.

One of the Ninjago sets on display, with Lloyd in his... elemental car... thing...

One of Chen's sets

Kai, Master of Fire key-chain

Smaug the Terrible, chiefest and greatest calamity of our age

Fili mini figure with an adorable expression. Yay! Let's go kill a dragon with hugs and flowers!

Terrified Bilbo (as usual)

Kili doing nothing helpful with a dramatic face (as usual)

And the Jurassic World sets! I loved the movie, and am pretty excited about the sets. The only setback is that they're a bit too expensive for my taste, and that Claire's stubby Lego legs aren't high-heeled. Humph.

Adorable Mini Cooper! I wish they had made it red, though.

Aw! I spotted this minifigure proposal. So adorable.

Out for a movie date in one of the displays!

Pick-a-Brick brick holes

I love that they're doing this, it's super fun to just pick the bricks you want.

Tiny round pieces

Thanks for visiting, friend! Come back soon!


P.S., comment below with your favorite childhood toy, Lego or not! I'd love to hear 'em :)


  1. Awwww yesh. I love LEGOS! :D Those pictures look amazing. Hahaha, Kili and Fili are my favorites though. :P

    1. Thanks bunches, Sam! I know, Fili's my favorite out of the bros. :)

  2. LEGO's are absolutely amazing! :D My bro Kody walked in and exclaimed, at the sight of the LEGO sign,"I wanna go there!" XD (and continued to tell me about this LEGO place, which is very big.. HOLLA XD)
    I LOVE NINJAGO! It is seriously amazing. I've loved it for like a few years now and right now, we're expecting another season, so you're not too far behind at all! :D How are you liking it? :)
    Also, those blue LEGO's are SO pretty! XD
    -A (

    1. Yeah, the Lego store is right across from the American Girl store, so I can jump over there while Willow's looking through that. It's actually not very big... I wish it was bigger, but hey, at least it's here :)
      Yay! Finally, another girl into the Ninjago fandom :) I'm liking it a whole lot, we're on the ghost season. I think they got stuck with the same plots and characters (SNAKES, SNAKES EVERYWHERE), and now they're changing it up really well with this one. So do you know when the next season (the one with the genie dude) is suppose to air on TV?

  3. I've never been to either, haha! :D It seems so sweet to go, I'd better put that on my goals. ;)
    Hehe! ;D Ghost season, do you mean season 5? :D Ah, that one is really good! They picked it up and headed off, it was super amazing! :) Lol!
    Season six... I do not know when its supposed to air, all of the sources are kind of scrambled. I heard one source say around early June or so.
    We're also expecting a Ninjago MOVIE, around September this year! :D

    1. Oh yeah, they're both pretty fun :) I get a lot of photos from those trips.
      Yeah yeah, I meant season 5 ;) They always say "episode 48", and no season number. We're still not quite finished, we've got the last two episodes left.
      Yeah, see, I've seen screen-shots from season 6 and people talking about it and doing fanart, so I'm pretty confused about that. I wish Lego would be more specific sometimes. I've heard of the movie, and I think there's even an imdb page about it... I'm so excited! I can't wait to go to an actual THEATER to watch Ninjago :) Finally I can drag my parents to see it so they won't think it's so weird...


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