Thursday, August 13, 2015

If fives, echo, heavy, and boil are more than just words to you... // throwback thursday

... You just might be a Clone Wars fan.

*thumbs up for you*

   Must... escape... Hobbit tears..!

   Ah, here we go! Another fandom to emotional attach myself to.

   Most of the recent posts/fanart have been Hobbit related, but this time, it's time to escape the fandom tears and fall back on a old fandom of mine.

Star Wars.

   The fandom that nearly everyone is on bored with, and my first. That of course makes it very close to my heart. I'm not so much into the movies themselves as the TV series, Star Wars: the Clone Wars.

   We (Willow and I) started watching it at about the second season, with the Geonosis episodes (you know, with Ahsoka and Barris). Immediately, we were hooked.

   My favorite characters have always been the clones, and I really wish they would have had more episodes with emphasis on the soldiers of the republic.

 *me telling the directors to put more clones in*
*them saying nope*

   Have any of you seen season six yet? I haven't seen the whole thing, just the Fives episodes. FEELS. The worst feels I've had since the Battle of the Five Armies.


   It's so hard, because it started with them. A squad of rookie clone troopers on the Rishi outpost (Kamino's moon), impatient to see action. And yeah, they get it. Leaving only two survivors, Echo and Fives, these clones go through a lot and are in many episodes to come. Then, it's all over.

*it moved me, bob*

   Now I haven't seen the new series that's out yet (Star Wars Rebels), but I've heard some things... but I certainly wasn't satisfied with them just dropping the Clone Wars like they did. What about Ahsoka, Rex, teen Boba, etc.? Whatever happened to them? I guess we'll find out in the upcoming episodes of Rebels, but they way they're just throwing the clones away... They expect us to love them in the Clone Wars, and hate them in Rebels. Is that really fair? Every time I see them hit a stormtrooper, I'm thinking, "That could be Kix, or Jesse."

*well that got deep real fast*

   And the clones, that's another thing! It's hard for me to see Rex shooting a Jedi in the back, though all clones are sort of... 'compelled' to do so. But still...

   Also, REX. WOLFFE. GREGOR (if that is him, it's not confirmed, only speculated). Guess who ain't dead?

*hugs and kisses to the writers of Rebels*

   I don't know where they're going with Rebels, but I hope they do my favorite characters justice. I loved them so much, and they're so close to me, that... you know...

*whispers aggressively* don't mess this up


P.S., This was a little throw-back-Thursday, fandom style. Would you like another? If so, comment below :) If you're a Clone Wars (or just a Star Wars) fan, know that you aren't alone here :)

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  1. the clones are also my favorite characters in the movies and show,to bad they had to follow order 66


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