Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Years Resolution // Look Up

"Get organized, read books, save more money, clean up your house, get healthy, and lose weight!"

   These are just a few of the most popular 'New Years Resolutions' that get thrown in our faces each time the end of December rolls around.

   Now, don't get me wrong, I think these resolutions are great! It's really cool to see people who can keep their goals for the year.

   And then there are the people like me, the ones who aren't too good at goals.

   But this year, I'm going to set just a few easy resolutions for 2015.

   The first would be to read through the New Testament again. Last time I got a bit bogged down with trying to go through the whole Bible in one year, so I'm going for the shorter one this time.

   Number two would be... look up. No, seriously, look up. Yes, I mean have a better relationship with God, but also to just look at the sky. I don't think we have as much appreciation for the giant piece of artwork directly above us, and the more I look up at it, the more I'm in awe of it. The clouds and their formation and colors are amazing, if you really look.

   My favorite time is just before (or during) sunset, and the sky is a pure blue as the part that boarders the earth is a light yellow, and the sun burns a orange glow. Also, the sunrise, with the rays of light creeping over the mountains and sparkling on the morning frost.

   Ah, beautiful.

   Not to mention... you know what they say, a red sun rises, blood has been spilled this night. Ironically, that actually happened two mornings after going to see the Battle of the Five Armies in theaters.

   Other than that, I don't have any more resolutions this year... thanks for reading! :)



  1. Those are two wonderful goals! Number one is really good, its so neat to know you've read through the whole NW or whatever your goal was. ;) I'm doing the chronological plan this year, I'm pretty excited.

    The second one I echo full-heartedly!! In fact.. its seems like you have read my mind. Ever since summer its been a thought that we should look up more. =) No matter how much we change on earth, we can't change the sky!

  2. Willow, this was beautiful! Yes, I need to look up more=D The New Testament is kind of easy to read since it’s a lot about Jesus’s Miracles:) I guess it’s easier for me to read the ‘stories’ in the Bible than the prophet books of the Bible. Oh. My. Word. You do not know how many times I say, “A red sun rises, blood has been spilt this night.” It’s an often-used quote in my ‘vocabulary’=D There are so many quotes that my sisters and I accidentally use in our everyday talk that relate to the Hobbit or LOTR:) Such as, “Where do you want this?” Kili asked this in the first movie when they first came into Bilbo’s home and are trying to move the table before all the dwarves arrive.


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