Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#OneLastTime watercolor

One Last Time.

One last walk down the theater isles.

One last time of your stomach churning as you watch for the first time the newest (and last) Hobbit film's logo appear on the dark theater screen.

One last time of leaving the theater, into the light of day, having seen an ending, the ending.

One last time of getting into your car, sighing, and remaining silent on the drive home, because you know there's nothing you can say to add to what just happened.

One last time of texting your friends, telling them the news: "it was the last time."

One last time of going on to whatever social media website you choose, scrolling through endless screenshots, fanart, and fanfictions, having nothing to add, but at the same time having everything to say.

One last time.

I'm glad I joined this group of fans. I'm glad I saw that preview for the first Hobbit movie, the Unexpected Journey. I'm glad I got my mom to read my sister and I that first chapter of that first book.

Maybe you won't cry in this movie. And that's okay. And maybe you will, and that's okay.

But whatever happens out there, however this story ends, I just want to say...

Thank you. Everyone. Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Ian Mckellen, thank you to everyone, from the cook to the producers, for this. All of this. You've lightened my world, made me smile, and made me cry. Thank you.

And to you, who have shared this journey with me, thank you all.

And as we take this final walk, final time of the lights dimming and the theater hushing, know this is a time we may forget one day.

But it is not this day. The day may come when we break all bonds of fellowship with this fandom, but it is not this day. This day we remember, by all that you hold dear from that good earth, I bit you stand, fans of this world!




  1. AHH!! Have you seen it? Your post made me tear up. :D Again. Oh goodness. I am so not ready for this to be over. I want it to last forever. :)


    1. Yep, we saw it Tuesday night. It was heartbreaking! Are you going to go see it soon? If so, bring a handkerchief :') I needed it. Bad. Yes, I wish it could last forever and ever! Glad we could share the feels :)


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