Thursday, June 27, 2013

School is out, and Pinterest is in!

Dear readers,

   Summer is out, I hear! So that means a special Pinterest post on our attitudes toward schooling :)

Here it goes!

A Lord of the Rings fan reaction

The Star Wars fan reaction :)

Another Lord of the Rings fan (apparently named Alex) reaction

Hey, why are the red coats the jedi?! Are we colonies not good enough for you Brits?!

Les Misérables schooling funnies from here down two pics :)

Too true, too true

Admit it: You read it in song

Good point, dude
You all know you do this


Actually, I don't have that problem. My mom is very interesting :)

If I did this, I'd be in trouble :)

How guys should open doors for girls. This would be quite nice...

Oh you have got to be joking!

But it is not this day! This day we fight! For all you hold dear on this good earth, stand, men of the west!

One of the many reasons we are homeschooled

I haven't even got to this and it's hurting my head

I am homeschooled and proud of it!


Me neither!


What test?!

   I hope you enjoyed that long post :) If you want more hilariousness, click here to go to my Pinterest board, Things To Make You Laugh. Comment if you loved it, or have a funny story to tell!



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