Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Well, I've done it

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Darrion Marine, and as you probably already know, I'm Willow Silver's younger sister. She has been telling me for quite some time to do my own blog, and now I have finally done it!

At the moment, I only have two blogs: The Call, which I share with my sister, and Sincerely Darrion, which is all mine. I hope you have time to check the other one out, and please, leave a comment if you like something. I'm always looking for new ideas on what to post about and would love to hear your opinion on both this blog and The Call.

Now, as an introduction post, I'm going to say a few things about me...

I am a Bible believing Christian, and I often seem like an outgoing person on the outside, but I'm really quite shy on the inside. I really like to take books and their characters and write little stories on what I think they would be like. Like Fili and Kili from The Hobbit. I'm writing mini stories on them and their childhood. I am also doing the same thing with Thorin, before he became Thorin Oakenshield. Hopefully I'll finish them soon, and then they will be posted on The Call.

Anyway, here are some pictures that describe me.

I am a bit clumsy at times, and others are often in the lead as I lag behind. I just need a little guidance. So you can guess which one of these Ninjas is me.

I am homeschooled with my sister.

 I love Legos! 

 Wilow is the Sherlock of our house, and I am the Watson.

I like to draw. 

I'm always player one when we play Wii

Willow and I are best friends and we work together, unlike a lot of sisters these days, I hear.

I hope that little overview of me was entertaining, or at least interesting. I will post more later, but until then...

for the Way
of Truth
and Life



  1. Hello Darrion! I'm so excited that you got your own blog. :) Wait, you're writing stories about little Fili and Kili? So am I! I've written almost ten so far. It's sooo fun!! Do you know when you'll be posting them? Because I would LOVE to read them!!! I wonder if any of ours are about the same thing...hmmm. Anyway, great post! It says a lot about you. Looking forward to more fabulousness!

    xo Lelsie Violet

    1. Thank you, Leslie! I see that you are making one, too. Can't wait until you get it up and running! Tell me once you do, please.

      Yes, I am in the proses of writing stories on Fili and Kili. Willow and I have made up so meany of them I don't know where to start, or how! Writing is a tough thing to do, for me at least :)


    2. I'll be sure to let you know! It may not be for a while, though. You know how busy life is :)!

      Writing is a VERY tough thing!! I agree.

      xo Leslie Violet

    3. Well, my blog's up & running. Click HERE to go to it!!


    4. Awesome! Goin' to check it out right now...


  2. Hi Darrion! Your blog is totally awesome! Can't wait to read your awesome posts! Especially your Pinterest posts because you always pick out really neat stuff;).
    I loved the little ninja pictures btw;D
    Maddie, your 7th follower

  3. Thanks, Maddie! I just love posting Pinterest pins. Wow, I didn't even notice I had seven followers! I better keep a closer eye on my blog :)



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